EDTEC 700: Blogging in the Classroom

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Format for Blog Projects

It's clear from reading the draft ideas in your individual blogs that there is no single template that we can all use to organize your intentions. You're collectively doing a wide and interesting range of things! In most cases, the format commonly used for lesson plans will not be a good fit.

That said, I think there are some elements that all your plans should include in some form if the goal is to communicate your thoughts to other potential adopters. Here's a first stab at that list:

Title: Give a name to what you're doing. That way people can refer to it.
Author: Put your name here, along with your affiliation.
Summary: Put a 2-3 sentence summary of what this is all about.
Context: Where is your blog going to be implemented? With what users/learners?
Duration: Is this a 1 week project? 1 month? Or is it an ongoing environment into which you'll plug shorter term projects?
Goals: What do you hope people will learn or communicate through the use of your system? To the extent that your goals are instructional, specify what standards you'll be addressing.
Participants: Beyond the learners and you, is there anyone else involved? What roles will you and others play?
Process: What needs to happen before participants begin to interact with your system? What will you do first, second, third... etc. to make it happen.
Resources: What readings, web sites, other sources of information will you need to line up for this project to work?
Policies: What do you say to your users/learners about acceptable behavior?
Products: What will result from your system? What products or other outcomes?
Evaluation: How will you know that this was effective? How will you evaluate learning and other outcomes?


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