EDTEC 700: Blogging in the Classroom

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Captured Thoughts

Based on where we in the course, let's capture some ideas on how, in general, we might use blogging in education and training.

  • Rotate responsibility for kids to summarize what happened in school.

  • To deal with the lack of computers, use a single computer as a learning center, with students responsible for posting.

  • Recognize and honor student work: i.e., type in a student's poem to showcase it.

  • Use the comments feature for teacher (and others) to provide feedback.

  • Use blogging to nurture dialog among teachers, kids, parents, and interested guests.

  • Organize the use of mentors by bringing them in as guest bloggers.

  • Allowing reflection time for quiet people; provide voice for the introverts.

  • "Audience effect". Kids write more carefully for a wider audience that goes beyond the classroom.

  • Start small. Don't develop a lesson or system with all the possible bells and whistles in place at the start.

  • Get away from the notion that we're creating a website. Blogs are unique.

  • Pre-selected audience (pre-arranged by teacher).

  • Teaching the ability to dialog.

  • To work within the present environment of NCLB, high stakes testing, etc., pick a single standard to work on for every project you develop.

  • Pay attention to your local AUP on student pictures, identities, etc.

  • Issue: needing email for kids. Possible answer: Gaggle.Net.


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