EDTEC 700: Blogging in the Classroom

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Student Bloggers

I am no longer a classroom teacher, so I searched for Student Blogging. I used GoogleAlert.com which is a free service that regularly checks for updates on the same keyword search.

  • This project on bbc.co.uk has students in Essex blogging about their adventures. I linked to this because I think its a good example of how one of the largest media outlets in the world is using student blogs.

  • Kairosnews.org is a "weblog for discussing rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy" this article on Kairosnews.org is about students not taking ownership of their blogs during shortened summer courses.

  • Weblogged-ed.com is a good source for a steady stream of information about "Using Weblogs and RSS in Education"


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