EDTEC 700: Blogging in the Classroom

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Steven Downes article

I am reading the Steven Downes article and am interested in this debate about what constitutes blogging. I can see both points. But does it matter? So what if what the students are doing isn't true blogging, as long as it benefits them in some way. Yes, I realize that the regulation of the blogs stifles some of what they contribute and may not be a true blog. But hopefully most of them are being honest with their thoughts and feelings, even if sensored.

It does make me think now about my idea for my lesson plan: to have students write as a new character in one of their books, to keep a diary of the new character. Is that really blogging?


At 8:48 PM, Blogger Emily said...

I don't think that there can be a concrete definition of "blogging" yet. I can see it being both a diary like record of someone's life, and an place to converse about whatever topic. I think that the synthesis needed to make your lesson great, would be to have the characters interact with one another. Based on what the students read about the other new characters, how could their own character interact with the others to create their own new story line. Just an idea- your plan sounds cool!


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