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Friday, March 25, 2005

An Advisory Blog

In addition to my teaching duties at my school, I am an "Advisor". An Advisor at my school is more than a "homeroom teacher". We meet with our small sub unit (11 students) at the beginning of everyday and once a week for about twenty-five minutes. During that twenty five minute session, the advisor plans activities that help the students explore and learn about themselves as they fit into the school's community and the world around them. One of the reasons for the system is so that students and teachers can talk about non academic issues that are important (to the school, the administration, the faculty, the world, or the students) at that point in time. Students also have the same advisor for four years (9th grade through 12th grade). Therefore, this blog could be a diary that helps them reflect upon their journey through high school. I would like to record their perceptions, impressions, reflections, opinions, ideas, and thoughts so that they can see it later when they are seniors. I also frequently do not have the answers to their non academic questions, and I believe that they can learn from each other's postings in a non threatening way.

I am thinking about using the "Outward Bound" approach: "What? -> So What? -> Now What?" or the YMCA approach "Experience -> Reflection -> Learning". I would like to use real events as they occur in the community of our school and perhaps world events later. I would like to start with simple matters at our school such as . . .

-name calling
-diversity issues
-self image
-drugs and alcohol issues
-cheating on tests

I would like to test this project with my advisees. If successful, I will share with other advisors at our school. Almost every teacher is an advisor, and every student has an advisor.

What do you think?


At 9:46 PM, Blogger Stacy said...

This is exactly what I envision for my students' blogs. I think you really have your students' needs at heart. Young people need to feel they have a voice and that someone is interested in listening to that voice.


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