EDTEC 700: Blogging in the Classroom

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Suzanne Kilburn's lesson plan idea

This is the idea I came up with for my lesson plan. Please keep in mind this is for a second grade class of english language learners. For this reason I can not see my students having individual blogs. Therefore, my lesson plan consists of a whole class blog instead. any ideas??

Anticipatory Set:
Review with students how we are planning on observing our bean plants grow as part of our life cycles science unit. Introduce blogging to them and show them an example of a classroom blog.

Students will improve their ability to communicate observations of a bean plant by taking part in a classroom blog. Day one lesson plan consists of students writing their hypothesis.

Teacher will tell students they will be closely observing the growth of their bean plant. Teach students that a hypothesis is a smart guess of what they think will happen to their beans. Teacher models an example of a hypothesis. Show students their classroom weblog and show them that their first posting to be made is about their hypothesis. Their job for the day is to go off and brainstorm what their hypothesis is and be ready to share it out onto the class blog.

Guided Practice:
Students will get into groups of 2 or 3 and brainstorm possible hypothesis with their partners. Teacher will circle the room and check for understanding of a hypothesis.

Indpendent Practice:
Students will decide on their own hypothesis and prepare it on a half sheet of paper ready to share it out for the classroom weblog.

Share out:
Students will share out their hypothesis and watch us the teacher models how to log this in their classroom weblog.

Listen as students share out and check they have an understanding of a hypothesis and ask "How does using a blog help us with our learning?"

What do you think?


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